Rivers of Divine Love

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Paintings by Maria Great and
Poems by author Ephraim Great



Written by Ephraim Great

Paintings by Maria Great

Maria Great first book BELOVED is published NOW!

Embark on a transformative journey with "Beloved: The Path of Inner Wholeness." Navigate the wilderness of pain as this soul-stirring guide becomes your compass, leading you towards profound self-discovery. Experience spiritual growth through faith and hope, allowing the liberating force of pure love to bring you to the freedom of peace and the tranquility garden of joy.

Discover the power of heartfelt prayers accompanying each step, delivering not just your mind, but your body and soul to a place of profound healing. "Beloved" is more than a book; it's an empowering tool to embrace your true self, fostering intense healing and unshakeable inner peace. This intimate connection with the divine power of love stands as a testament to life-changing experiences on the path to wholeness.

Don't miss the opportunity to start your inner healing journey towards self-fulfillment. Grab your copy of "Beloved: The Path of Inner Wholeness" today and witness the profound impact it can have on your life. Your transformation begins here!

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Newest Book

War of Love


In "War of Love," readers embark on a transformative journey, discovering the divine power within and unleashing their inner strength to overcome every obstacle. Book guidance and encouraging words help readers find the strength and courage needed for the battle of love in their lives and the world. This book is a beacon of hope and inspiration, calling readers into the light of love. Maria emphasizes the power of God's love, which conquers all darkness and opposition. When we embrace this love, it becomes our shield, our sword, and our protective armor in the spiritual battle. Additionally, she offers practical tools to help us see spiritual matters more. We learn to destroy strongholds and heal the wounds inflicted by the enemy's destructive power of war through unloving actions. That equips the healed Christian soldiers to use the weapons of God's Love.

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