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"See what great love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God"

Great Transformation is a spirit, mind and body process of inner and outer change, restoring your Heavenly Father's original identity and purpose for your greatness, led by the Holy Spirit and ministered through Maria and Ephraim Great. This uplifting supernatural experience guided by divine wisdom and love rejuvenates your spirit, regenerates corrupted DNA, and revitalizes your entire being. With profound healing beyond surface-level changes of deep foundational and inner emotional self, freeing you from the shackles of the past.

Great Transformation is more than a journey of self-discovery, it's about embracing growth and a continual evolution-aligned divine blueprint, understanding the fundamental precepts that steer human behavior and applying the principles necessary for lasting changes in your life. It unveils your preordained purpose, bringing meaning to your personal and professional life. Allowing you to live authentically and break free from the pursuit of someone else's version of success.

Great Transformation is a Paradigm Shift that renews your mindset with a belief system of greatness designed by God. Delving into the core of who you are, redefining your existence and shifting your being and thinking, reshaping your thoughts, feelings, and actions to unveil the phenomenal you. Revival for your soul to embrace the extraordinary and take the required steps towards the fulfilling life already destined for you, abundantly equipped with the resources you need at your fingertips.

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Ephraim Great

Thinking & Leadership Kingdom Mindset

Ephraim is a British, Nigerian born-apostle, coach, poet and author, and founded Great Transformation in obedience to a vision from God to renew people's mindset unto the kingdom of God. In 2003 on the way up a mountain to pray he had a life changing physical encounter with Elijah the biblical prophet, who instructed him "to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parent".

He challenges people to change their thinking as Jesus did because he firmly believes that regardless of how many times you read through the bible only transforming the way you think changes your perspective which improves how you see things and act in the world. You must renew your mindset to alter your behavior and habits to achieve lasting self-improvement and the level of spiritual maturity for abundant success.

Ephraim is surrendered to the Holy Spirit for the transformation of his life unlocking limitless possibilities and creating ripple effects that inspires others far beyond his sphere of influence. And is committed to living by faith in the Word of God and restoring the right ethics and moral profitability in individuals, businesses, organization, communities and nations to the glory of God.

Transforming minds unto greatness arise and shine!

Emotional & Foundational Inner Healing

Maria Great

Maria was born in Finland and is an artist, author, coach and highly anointed prophet with a special calling to welcome children into the kingdom of God and an inner healing ministry setting people free to receive the divine love of God and to discover self-acceptance and self-love. She is a Mother of four children.

Christ Jesus first appeared to Maria in 2015 and has visited her on many occasions since. She cherishes her deep and close relationship with the heavenly father. The Lord has instructed her to make known the truth that we are all beloved by God, to foster emotional healing and restore balance within.

The Holy Spirit has been taking Maria on several tours to Heaven and Hell for years. But has only recently just commissioned her to publish these supernatural treasure troves, revelations, prophetic paintings, insightful words, exercises and practices aimed at bringing Heaven to Earth. Maria's paintings capture priceless memories and convey complex and multi-faceted ideas in a single still image effectively communicating deeper meanings that surpass verbal descriptions.


Unleashing your creativity and revealing mighty things!

"Say to God, "How awesome are your deeds! So great is your power that your enemies cringe before you"

We are Ephraim & Maria Great, kingdom of God life coaches, Poet and Artist, serial entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers. Whom individually and together have been experiencing a great transformation in our own lives by the Holy Spirit. Which has inspired us to let go and surrender ourselves and everything to serve the Lord on his terms and allow him to fulfill his purpose for our lives. For almost a decade now we have been privileged for the Almighty God has been using us both to minister his Great Transformation to countless individuals and groups in different nations.

There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than being a coach for the Great Transformation of a person who is embarking on a quest of inner peace and self-improvement, spiritual, mental and physical well-being. We absolutely love helping you have many of those - light bulb moments where the light is suddenly switched on and coaching you to transform your life in a great way.

We invite you to answer the call to rediscover your preordained purpose and true identity for meaning to your life, so that you can make the difference in the world that you were born to make and become a great blessing to us all.


Apostle - Ephraim Great

Prophet - Maria Great