GREAT TRANSFORMATION Purpose & Vision Coaching For Leaders

Mind Art Team Inspiration


Unleash creativity and sharpen the mind in a harmonious blend of business and enjoyment that is the most effective and productive team-building activity.

While we often rely on words to express emotions, artwork can trigger inner thoughts and connect with your deepest feelings and emotions.

In just 4 hours the Mind Art Team Inspiration Workshop can stimulate both cognitive and emotional growth as the light bulb is switched on in your minds to embrace countless ideas in a fun collaborative process.

Through conceptual visualization and the implementation of creative information that helps fulfill your collective vision and purpose. Leaving you and your team feeling revitalized.

Inspiring Creativity and Unity

The mind receives ten to 100 times more image impressions than other types of information. It can become challenging to recall visual information in the future.

The Mind Art Team Inspiration Workshop helps boost this area of your memory, allowing you to recall visual information more effectively, such as images or graphics.

It encourages you to express your personality tell stories and even overcome shyness or social awkwardness which builds a stronger bond with others in a group.

It guarantees an engaging and rewarding experience to bring your vision to life, that your team will enthusiastically talk about for years to come.

The paintings used can also be purchased and become a centerpiece displayed proudly in foyers boardrooms of businesses and public spaces.